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Dear Inbound Student:


"Welcome to the Ohio-Erie Multidistrict or just "O-E" for the coming year. O-E has been in existence and exchanging students for more than 30 years. The O-E Multidistrict serves six states. The states include Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida. Districts 6600, 6630, 6670, and 6690 serve the state of Ohio. District 6740 serves the Eastern portion of Kentucky. District 7545 serves most all of West Virginia. The Eastern half of Tennessee is served by District 6780. Districts 7670 and 7680 serve Eastern North Carolina. District 6930, 6960 and 6980 serve Southwest, East Central, and Central Florida.  


Each of our districts is unique, and, whichever district in which you have been assigned will do their best to assure that you have an outstanding youth exchange year. Once you are assigned a district we encourage you to begin your research about your home away from home. Geographies and cultures vary from district to district. Each state’s history is colorful and varied. If you live in Ohio, you will be a Northerner. In West Virginia you will be considered an Easterner and if you live in Kentucky, Tennessee or North Carolina or Florida, you will be a Southerner. Each of these designations highlights a unique American experience with significant changes in culture and language."  


Welcome to O-E Multidistrict! We are happy to have you here and hope that your year is exciting and educational!


Inbound students have the option to travel with McMurray Travel Agency during their exchange.


The cost of the trips are not included in the exchange and must be paid by the student’s natural parents. Students can get more information and register by visiting McMurray Travel Agency.


Trips fill up early, so make sure to register with payment to make sure to get a spot.

Here are items that help you as an Inbound student. You should go over the first night questions soon after arrival with your host family. Remember to go through it with each host family after you move. The documents below should be downloaded and read prior to your departure to begin your exchange in one of the O-E districts.

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