Number 2 - B

1. Introduction

Now your Match gets to introduce their family to you.

2. Language Learning

Host, fill in the blanks with what applies to you.

  • I like to _____ (cook, bike ride, play a sport) with my mom. (or dad)

  • My Mom (or dad) enjoys _______ (hiking, reading, playing with kids)

  • My Mom (or dad) went to school at _____. (High school or college)

  • How do you say _____?  (How do you say Mom in French?)

Here are some helpful example video we have compiled in a YouTube Playlist!


3. Activity

Host Introduce Your Family

Now it is your Matches turn to introduce their family to you. Take a few minutes to talk to your family member. You can ask questions to your Match family member too!

Introduce each of your family members to your match. Have them say a few words. Here are Some things to ask them: (Some may not apply.)

  • What do your parents do for a living?

  • What is their favorite thing to do with you?

  • How did your parents meet?

  • What have they learned about you during the Stay At Home time?

  • What is your brother or sister’s favorite thing to do?

  • What do the two of you like to do together?

4. What Would You Do?

Rather than discussing a situation, find a picture in a magazine or book in your house that you really like. Show it to your match and tell them why you like it.

5. Make Your V-Step Video

It’s time to make your V-STEP Video. You can include your Parents or Brother/Sister if they give you their permission. When done, upload the video using WeTransfer. (Link to WeTransfer)

Don’t forget to be looking for your video at our next group Meeting. Below are the dates:

  • Sunday, June 7th at 2pm EST

  • Sunday, June 21st at 2pm EST

  • Sunday, July 5th at 2pm EST

  • Sunday, July 19th at 2pm EST

  • Sunday, August 2nd at 2pm EST

  • Sunday, August 16th at 2pm EST

Here is a link to our YouTube Channel where you can view all of the videos that have been posted so far.


6. Prepare For Next Week

You've completed four MeetUps already. Outstanding!

Now email, text or call your Rotary contact and tell him or her you’re ready for the link to your next V-STEP MeetUp Guide!

Your next set of MeetUps will involve showing your Match around your neighborhood and city where you live. If stay at home orders are not lifted, you might need to get some pictures together if you can’t go outside.

Be sure to schedule your next MeetUp with your Match. It is important to have regular times the two of you can get together.

John Koetz


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